First, a hardback containing three linked novellas. . . .

Before the Creeks Ran Red
"The tense months between December, 1860 and July, 1861 are portrayed in three related stories about three 14-year-olds caught up in the beginnings of the Civil War.” — School Library Journal
“Just as the country stands uneasily on the brink of war, Timothy, Joseph, and Gregory stand on the brink of manhood, and Reeder deftly shows how escalating tension and violence in the outside world push each character to examine more closely his preconceptions, his actions, and his choices. A rewarding interpretation of the nascent war, when many people expected that the first land battle would also be the last." — Booklist

And now a paperback trilogy!

Though the books are listed in chronological order, each one stands alone and they may be read in any order. Follow the links below to find out about them.

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